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Traditional Children's Clothing Dictionary from A to Z

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 6:53:26 PM America/New_York

When you’re perusing the web for adorable heirloom-worthy children’s clothes, you might come across a few terms that sound a bit puzzling. Boutique and homegrown clothing brands often use traditional patterns and sewing techniques that have been in the family for generations, so some of the lingo might not be in your lexicon just yet. No worries! The team at Bagsy is here to help you understand all the ins and outs of traditional children’s clothes, so you can choose hand-me-down worthy styles that capture that traditional, Southern, nautical, New England or preppy something-special. Here are all the terms you need to know.

happy child 

  • Appliqué—The French art of appliqué includes creating traditional adornments that are used to bring dimension, color and personality to kids’ clothes. The technique requires a sewn-on design in a different material, creating a layered and ornamental look.
  • Bishop Dress—These are the loose-fitting, free-flowing and pleated dresses you’re probably thinking of when you think of Southern or traditional girls’ clothing. Usually, they are smocked around the neckline and may have raglan sleeves with elastic and ruffles.

Bishop Dress

  • Bloomers—Perfect for newborns and infants, baby bloomers are diaper covers or bottoms that can be worn beneath dresses and skirts. They are often ruffled.
  • Bonnet—If you know one Southern baby item, it’s probably the bonnet. These are traditional kids’ head covers that are tied under the chin and often feature a ruffled brim.
  • Bubble—Think of bubbles as a mix between a romper and a dress. They typically feature a standard romper shape (with no legs) and a poufy, bubbled bottom.
  • Gingham—Traditionally speaking, gingham is a lightweight, woven cotton cloth in a checkered white and blue, white and red or white and pink color. These days, it refers mostly to the checked pattern and not so much the cotton fabric.
  • John John—These adorable boys’ rompers get their name because they were an outfit staple for John F. Kennedy Jr. (nicknamed John John) when his pops was in the White House. They are usually shorts length, sleeveless garments similar to overalls.

John John outfit

  • Layette—Traditionally, the word “layette” refers to a set of clothing for newborns, usually encompassing a go-home outfit, pajamas, onesies, undershirts and more. Today, layettes often refer to infant pajamas or sleepers only.
  • Longall—In Southern apparel, you’ve got your longalls and your shortalls. Longalls are essentially long—and often long-sleeved—versions of the John John. They are one-piece boys’ outfits that typically feature a collar or are sleeveless and can be worn over a collared shirt.
  • Peter Pan Collar—Nothing screams traditional charm like the Peter Pan collar! This is a type of collar featuring rounded ends that meet in at the front, often added to dresses, button-up shirts and rompers.

Peter Pan Collar

  • Pleat—Pleats are the little folds or creases often added to dresses and skirts to create more dimension and style.
  • Seersucker—Seersucker is typically a striped fabric that has an alternating flat and puckered surface. It’s traditionally worn in spring and summer.
  • Shortall—Shortalls are—you guessed it!—short versions of longalls. They’re one-piece romper-like outfits featuring shorts, usually with a short-sleeved or sleeveless design.
  • Smocking—Smocking is the quintessential adornment of Southern baby clothes! This is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it creates a stretch. It looks like tight, textured pleats and often features an ornamental stitching pattern. Smocking is often added to dresses and rompers for boys and girls.
  • Tab Dress—Tab dresses are gaining tons of popularity among practical parents. These cute little girls’ dresses are equipped with built-in tabs that can be swapped out for different occasions, so you can get several occasional styles from a single dress. Some parents use the tabs to create monograms without ruining a dress’s hand-me-down potential.
  • Tartan—Like gingham, tartan is a traditional pattern that you’ll often find on more formal and classic children’s apparel. This Scottish plaid has crisscrossed lines, usually in traditional red, green and yellow.

So, there you have it—your complete dictionary of commonly used terms in traditional kids’ clothing! If you have any questions whatsoever about a specific shape, adornment or fabric on any piece of clothing in our selection, you can always give us a shout and we’ll do our best to hunt down the answer for you.

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Ultimate Guide to Consignment Shopping for Kids

Friday, October 19, 2018 10:00:00 AM America/New_York

Consignment shopping is one of the best things that picky parents can do to save a little dough without sacrificing standards. In fact, buying used clothing alone can save consumers $1.6 billion per year collectively, and with so much second-hand splendor to behold, there’s usually little compromise required.

Oh, and did we mention the obvious reason to go used? Kids grow. This means that it often doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense to shell out thousands on brand-new clothes simply because they’re brand-new. You can get like-new for less when you only expect them to be able to use it or wear it for a month or two.

young mother blonde daughter

Not only that, but there’s a thrill factor to scouring online consignment shops, antique stores and flea markets. If you’re already a certified member of the consignment club, then you know the rush and excitement of finding that perfect (and perfectly priced) piece after months of searching. If you’re new, we’re here to help you experience it for yourself with this helpful consignment shopping guide! All of the following tips can be applied to clothing, toys, gear and more.

Tips for Buying Used Children’s Clothes, Toys and More

It just so happens that we’re experts when it comes to consignment kids’ clothing, so we’re a fantastic resource for anyone looking to ramp up their little one’s wardrobe for less. But these tips can help you nail all kinds of consignment shopping for kids, whether you’re looking for used sports equipment, used toys or used designer clothes. There are a few important tips you should know when buying second-hand kids’ gear:

  • Know What You Want…Sometimes—It helps if you go into your search having a good idea of what you want to purchase. The auction and used online markets tend to be oversaturated, so if you know specific brands and collections, you’ll have better luck finding the perfect style for less. This is especially important for special occasion outfits or more expensive toys and gear.
  • Be Open-Minded—While specificity is important sometimes, when you’re not looking for something specific, you’ll discover new and exciting items that you’d never have considered for your little one. If you’re somewhere in the middle between “I know exactly what I want” and “I have no idea what I want,” then you can’t go wrong when you shop at stores like Bagsy, where you’re getting curated consignment children’s clothes that have been selected by our team.
  • Shop By Brand—An important part about second-hand shopping with specificity is knowing the top children’s brands. When you have a little bit more wiggle room in your budget (i.e., when you’re buying used instead of brand-new), you’ll be surprised to find that some of the higher-end brands are suddenly within your spending comfort zone. This strategy allows you to buy higher quality goods for less.

clothes hanging on rack

  • Double-Down on Discounts—We know you’re a savvy shopper, so you probably already know some of the tricks of online shopping. Make sure that you search for coupons and take advantage of sales—this can take some low prices down even further, which means you can get more for less. Follow your favorite consignment shops on social media so you’re always in on the sales and deals.
  • Know Where to Shop—Some consignment kids’ shops are better than others. Look for those that professionally choose and market items themselves rather than marketplaces that allow anyone to sell whatever they want. Look for stores like Bagsy that are highly rated, focused on quality brands and that accept used clothing that you can resell when you’re done with them.
  • Bookmark the Best—Treat online consignment shopping like you would your favorite brick-and-mortar stores. Stop in often just to see what’s in stock. Naturally, each shop’s selection will change regularly based on what comes in, so you’ll want to revisit on a regular basis to see if something comes up that might suit your shopping goals at that particular moment.
  • Buy a Size or Two Up—Did we mention that kids grow? Unfortunately, they won’t be able to wear that oh-so-adorable smocked dress forever! But in the consignment world, you’ve got to grab it if you see it or else it could be gone in a flash! Make sure to grab it even if it’s a size or two too big at the moment.


little girl new clothes

Getting the Most Out of Every Dollar

At the end of the day, shopping second-hand is a great way to ensure that you get higher quality at a lower spend. Whether you go the consignment route for everyday staples or more expensive items, like dressy clothes and sports equipment, you’ll find that your budget feels a whole lot bigger than it would if you bought retail. The result is a well-outfitted child and happy parents without strained budgets!

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6 Reasons Moms Love the Beaufort Bonnet Company

Thursday, September 6, 2018 3:01:39 PM America/New_York

On your quest for the cutest Southern baby clothes, you’ll undoubtedly come across The Beaufort Bonnet Company. Rooted in the South Carolina Lowcountry, this boutique brand brings all sorts of Southern charm to baby’s wardrobe. As their name implies, the signature piece from Beaufort Bonnet is their adorable, heirloom baby bonnet featuring sweet touches like carefully chosen, decorative buttons and smocked inserts, but they also make traditional kids’ clothing and swimwear.

Beaufort Bonnet’s accessories and clothing are oozing with classic charm, but that’s not the only reasons why parents adore them. They’re also made for practicality and function, so they often become fast favorites among savvy parents. Here are some more reasons why moms adore this heritage brand.

Toddler Girls in Beaufort Bonnet Clothing 

  1. Their Bonnets Are Made from an Heirloom Pattern—It’s all about classic styling with Beaufort Bonnet! In fact, their signature baby bonnet is based on a generations-old heirloom pattern from Beaufort, S.C. and features nine buttons and hand-covered roping. For this reason, they are totally reminiscent of old-fashioned Southern styles that you’ve probably seen in your mom’s or grandma’s baby pictures. If you consider traditional baby bonnets an essential part of parenthood, then you need at least one of these charming bonnets in your arsenal.
  2. Their Bonnets Are Lovingly Handmade—It’s rare to find high-quality, handmade kids’ clothing these days, but Beaufort Bonnet still makes things the old-fashioned way as part of their commitment to keeping their apparel authentically old-fashioned. Each Beaufort Bonnet is handmade in the U.S. by talented seamstresses using the original bonnet pattern. They are then carefully adorned with hand-fashioned detailing, so you know that the one you buy for your special bundle of joy will be a total one-of-a-kind!
  3. Despite Their Delicate Look, Beaufort Bonnets Are Easy to Clean—According to the company, Beaufort bonnets and other pieces from their collections are made for parent-approved practicality. Thus, you can easily machine wash them if they become dirty during playtime. To wash, simply unbutton the bonnet and machine wash on cold or delicate. Be sure to lay flat to dry (do not dry in the dryer) and iron if necessary. They may look fragile, but Beaufort Bonnet Company assures us these bonnets are made to be worn.
  4. They Make a Practical Addition to Baby’s Wardrobe—So besides the fact that they’re incredibly cute, there are some sensible reasons why you might dress your baby in a bonnet. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends dressing baby in sun-protective bonnets (along with sunscreen, of course) when outside in order to protect her skin, eyes and scalp from damaging UV rays. These accessories are easy to fold up and toss in your diaper bag or beach bag for a quick cover when the sun feels harsh. 

Two Babies Wearing a Bonnet

  1. Their Bonnets Are Uh-Dorable, Plain and Simple—So you’re big on practicality and sensible styling—great! But we can’t deny that a big reason why moms adore this extra-special brand is because their bonnets and baby clothes are too cute to pass up! Every piece is exquisitely designed and crafted with care using age-old sewing techniques and timeless patterns, so you can use them to dress baby for all sorts of special occasions, including baptisms, christenings, bris ceremonies and baby photo shoots. The prep factor is off the charts with Beaufort Bonnet, and you’ll see it in colors like Plantation Pink, Richmond Red and Nantucket Navy.
  2. They’re More than Just Cute Baby Bonnets—Love the look and feel of high-quality, heirloom baby bonnets? Then you’ll adore Beaufort Bonnet’s wide variety of boys’ and girls’ clothing, including handmade dresses, swimsuits, rompers, bloomers and more dripping with sweet, Southern style. The company has also started producing high-quality and stylish clothes for mom, all of which offer a distinct Southern flair! You’ll also appreciate the company’s collection of matching mommy-and-me outfits. 

Baby in Plaid Dress Wearing Monogrammed Bonnet

Shopping Beaufort Bonnet at Bagsy

Bagsy is your one-stop shop for used Beaufort Bonnet Company clothing and bonnets for parents who are after special investment pieces but don’t want to shell out thousands. Explore our great selection of preowned baby bonnets and heirloom pieces that make your little one look like a genuine baby doll. Make sure to check back often at ShopBagsy.com for the best preowned apparel from high-end baby brands!

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Along with smocking, embroidery and monogramming, appliquéing is one of the most traditional ways to accent kids’ clothing for a special, one-of-a-kind finishing touch. This fun sewing technique is a signature of many of our favorite boutique kids’ brands, including the British favorite Mini Boden.

With colorful, textured imagery featuring all of your little one’s favorite things—cats, dogs, llamas, unicorns, apples and rainbows!—Mini Boden’s clothing appliqués bring a fun spirit and cool dimension to otherwise plain styles. They’re also a great way to dress your child for a special occasion, like back-to-school, holidays and birthdays. With this detail, you can create outfits that are expressive, playful and true to your child’s unique personality.

Mini Boden Teal Striped Applique Knit Shirt 

What is Appliqué?

Appliquéd clothing features an image or design that has been sewed into the garment using different layers of material. The ornamental needlework technique essentially requires the layering of different pieces on top of the garment’s primary fabric, creating a multilayered, multicolored, textured design. Designers may use various colors and textures to create a distinct image that appears to pop right off the fabric! The eye-catching look makes appliqués perfect for kids’ clothes and gives your little one’s apparel a hand-crafted feel that can’t be mimicked with regular textile manufacturing techniques.

The art of appliqué traces its roots back to French sewing traditions and gets its name from the French word for “something applied.” Originally, the technique was used as a quick and affordable way to cover up holes or tears in clothing, but it’s now seen as purely decorative. Because it requires extra time and material, appliquéd elements are typically found on high-end clothing, especially boutique children’s clothes that are handmade. You’ll find these eye-catching accents on tops, leggings, dresses and more at Bagsy, with options for both casual days at the playground and special occasions that require a dressy look.


Why We Love Mini Boden Appliqués

The primary reason why we’re crazy about appliquéd styles from Mini Boden is because they provide a wonderful way for your child to express herself throughout the year and during special occasions. If she adores animals, she’ll love appliqués featuring adorable bunnies, dinosaurs, whales, tropical birds, sea creatures and more. Mini Boden’s animal appliqué clothing is perfect for summer playdates and cute picture day outfits!

 Boy Toddler in Red Applique Sweater


For parents who always dress their little ones in unique holiday outfits, Mini Boden clothes pile on the festive charm! With appliquéd outfits to celebrate every single holiday—Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and beyond—you’ll find a style by this brand that’s ideal for all of your celebratory picnics, parties and photo ops. Seasonal appliqués for winter, summer, spring and fall ensure that she always has something she’ll actually be excited to wear no matter the weather or the time of year.

Thanks to their colorful, multidimensional appeal, appliqués are perfect for little boys and girls who are particularly picky about getting dressed. They’re often finished with soft, textured fabrics and whimsical details that make them beloved by both kids and adults, so you can bet that they’ll be excited to get ready when you’ve got Mini Boden in the lineup! These extra-special boys’ and girls’ clothes are also great for giving as clothing birthday gifts that any recipient will actually appreciate.


Cartoon Bear with Glasses on Polka Dot Background 

Love Appliqué? How to Find it 

As you can tell, Mini Boden is one of the best brands to offer appliquéd kids’ clothing and whimsical, original kids’ clothing in general. If you’re looking for adorable appliqué styles for babies, be sure to explore the latest from Baby Boden, the Boden baby line. These popular names join expressive children’s wear brands like Mud Pie, This and That for Kids, Stellybelly and Cecil & Lou in the amazing appliqué apparel category. Bagsy specializes in designer kids’ resale, so you’ll find apparel from these special boutique brands at an amazing price when you shop with us!

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Saturday, January 20, 2018 9:30:19 AM America/New_York

“You can’t handle the sugar.”  This is what I tell my oldest daughter almost daily. 

It is true.  My oldest has a terrible reaction to sugar.  Within seconds of ingesting anything sweet she becomes completely O-B-N-O-X-I-O-U-S.  It drives me crazy.  I can remember taking this picture years ago and calling it, “I am your worst nightmare.”

In complete contrast, my youngest child can eat an entire bag of cotton candy with very little reaction at all.  She is cool as a cucumber. My friends laugh that this is a typical second child.  First time parents are rule followers and everyone knows that one of those rules is no sugar until the first birthday. Then on their first birthday we all proceed to place an entire smash cake in front of them.  By the time the second child comes along, we have all loosened up (or “we have been broken down” as my husband says) and sugar is introduced much earlier.  I think in the case of my first born, the issue was magnified because of gestational diabetes.  I did not consume sugar when I was pregnant with her. My diet consisted of chicken, greens, and nuts with the occasional animal cracker. My craving for apples was absolute torture and the first thing I consumed after delivery was an entire container of raspberries. It is really not surprising to me at all that my daughter HATES chicken and acts like a CRAZY person when she ingests sugar.

Sugar was a very contentious topic with my mother when my daughter was young. There were many disagreements over her diet on visits to my parent’s home. My mother was notorious for allowing a “sip of coke” or a McDonald’s Sundae. Her freezer was always (and still is) full of Brown Cows and ice cream sandwiches. My parents’ basic message to us was “our house, our rules.” 

By the time baby #2 arrived, we were so desperate for help that I happily handed her over to my parents. I did not worry about the sugar she was sure to ingest during her visit. We had all loosened up, comfortable in our new roles as:  me as parent and my mother as spoiler in chief.   This is an actual picture my parents sent me as a joke one day.

Today my girls still love to visit my parents. I have chosen not to worry about their diet during these visits. Instead, I focus on all the shared moments that will one day be precious memories.  True, they do consume a ton of sugar, but they also take flash light walks at night, play dolls under my father’s desk, work puzzles together, and learn to sew with my mother.  My parents and my girls have a special bond. My parents are the keepers of secrets (trips to McDonalds) and trusted confidants. Now that my girls are older, they call my parents almost daily. I know my mom is the keeper of their hearts. She knows that my youngest is secretly eyeing a sparkly t-shirt in a nearby aisle at Wal-Mart, and that my oldest still wants to sit in her lap and be babied (even though she is almost nine).

So if sugar played a role in their relationship, I am ok with it.   If there is anything I learned from my first born, it is that moderation is much better (and more realistic) than complete elimination. At home, I am careful to regulate sugar consumption but there is no shortage of sweetness.


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Monday, January 8, 2018 11:30:26 AM America/New_York

Is anyone else feeling stir crazy?  My kids have been out of school for weeks now.  Temperatures are unbearable and so we have all been locked inside liked caged animals (well, my kids do act like animals).  To make matters worse, I am a bit of a germaphobe and a rumor about the stomach virus has kept us away from all public venues.  I will literally do anything to avoid the stomach virus!  Not only are my kids in the house all day, but so is all of their junk.  My living room is full of Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop plastic pieces, American Girls, and half eaten Squishies (thanks to our dog).

I tried to have a practical Christmas this year and get the children more of what they “need” and less junk, but as you and I both know, kids are not super thrilled with underwear and pajamas for Christmas.  Santa brought a careful mix of clothing and you guessed it….junk.   Now I am left with the task of putting everything away.  The toy bins are FULL at our house and so are our closets.  Thanks to all Christmas loot, our house is bursting at the seams.  So as usual in January, I have the urge to purge

The urge to purge is a real compulsion to get rid of almost anything that is not a necessity.  It feels so good to purge, and purging is addictive.  No lie, I walk around my house at night with a trash bag looking for anything that I can possibly get rid of (think Barbie shoes).  I even throw away artwork from school.  I mean who doesn’t appreciate the teachers sending home every little piece of paper your children have ever touched, but at night….the trash bag and the urge to purge are simply too much to resist.  Besides, my kids are no Picasso.  My rule of thumb is if it has handprint, it avoids the circular file, but everything else has to GO.

My urge to purge is so irresistible to me that I thank my lucky stars for Bagsy.  Bagsy makes purging my gently used kids clothes truly effortless.  I simply order a clean out kit for FREE and fill it full of clothes.  I drop my bags off at my local post office and mail it back to Bagsy for FREE.  Bagsy sells my clothes for me and I keep 50% of the sales price.  I have even started keeping a Bagsy consignment bag in each child’s closet.  At bath time, I sort through clothes and add items to the Bagsy bag.  When it gets full, I send it back to Bagsy and order another bag. 

Since starting to consign with Bagsy, I have cashed out $624.15.  That is real money that I can use to fund my kids 529s, put towards sending my oldest to summer camp, get a pedicure, or take a trip.  With Bagsy, the urge to purge truly pays off.  Even my husband is thrilled.  I have become so addicted to selling through Bagsy that I have also started shopping on Bagsy too.

Bagsy reminds me of those LUVS commercials.  You know the ones, “Motherhood is tough, but that first kid makes you an expert. And experts are more likely to choose Luvs.”  Bagsy makes me feel like a real pro.  The best part is my kids look just as cute as ever.  Bagsy not only has consignment but also carries new overstock from some of the best custom children’s trunk show brands.  So if you are like me and have the January urge to purge, try consigning with Bagsy.  You won't be sorry.  You can order a FREE consignment kit HERE.

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Alice Kathleen Celebrates 10 Years

Sunday, February 21, 2016 12:35:03 PM America/New_York

Alice Kathleen & Company Celebrates

10 Year Anniversary with New Collection


It all started with a hand stitched applique and a desire to find children’s clothes with classic designs and sophisticated details. This year, designer Kathryn Thomas and the company she created are celebrating 10 years of dressing our children in her classic, timeless designs.  To mark the occasion, Alice Kathleen & Company has introduced an exclusive Anniversary Collection.   The collection will span both Spring and Fall seasons, introducing new looks for the company.


With special fabrics sourced from around the globe and hand embroidered logos on each piece, the anniversary styles are unique to the Alice Kathleen collection this year and will not be seen again.  The collection includes smocking and lots of details and handwork.  If you missed the Alice Kathleen trunk show, do not worry!  You can still order the Anniversary collection on the Alice Kathleen website.  Look for more unique anniversary designs to launch this Fall.   We will be waiting! 


Alice Kathleen remains one of our most popular brands on shopBagsy.com.  The attention to detail and whimsical classic designs make this brand a customer favorite each season.  Don’t forget that Bagsy is the exclusive recipient of Alice Kathleen samples and overstock each season.  Visit shopBagsy.com for more styles from their previous season.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015 11:23:36 AM America/New_York

It is official, my baby turns 3 tomorrow.  I have already hung the birthday banner and her shiny new very BLUE scooter has been adorned with bows and balloons.  I have visited the grocery store and I am stocked up on birthday bacon and BLUEberry pancakes.  We even have BLUE cupcakes to take to school tomorrow.   If you have not guessed by now, she has a slight BLUE obsession.    Everything must be BLUE.  “Blue. It is my favorite color” she says over and over and over.

The highlight of her birthday celebration is a highly anticipated birthday party this weekend.  It is going to be a great day.   She has selected a My Little Pony theme featuring….”the blue one” aka Rainbow Dash.  This is her first birthday party ever.

Tonight when we were prepping dinner I commented to my husband that I would have never in a million years allowed our first born to have a My Little Pony party.  (How tacky I would have thought to myself.)  My husband remarked on how drastically things change with your second child. 

Change…. Indeed.  My firstborn’s birthday parties were legendary.   I would spend weeks planning them.  Everything was custom and coordinated.  Her second birthday party is still mentioned frequently by a friend.  These days, we sit around and laugh about the party…CLASSIC FIRST TIME PARENT.  After all, nothing says “rookie” parent better than an overtop birthday party for a 1 year old!   I have attached a few pictures for your amusement. 


I once read on Momastery.com that the further a child is from the firstborn the less neurotic he or she is because the parents aren’t trying to prove themselves through the child quite as desperately—so the child is free to be themselves instead of mom and dad’s trophy.  I couldn’t have said this better myself. 

So tonight I am thrilled to say that my little birthday girl is upstairs asleep in the tackiest blue My Little Pony pajamas you have ever seen.  She is very excited and so happy.  My heart is content.

Update:  birthday morning.   This picture clearly highlights the difference between first and second born children.  My firstborn is looking super sweet in her Alice Kathleen while my wild thing is rocking her BLUE Costco pajamas and it does not bother this chill laid back momma at all…(well, maybe a little.  Who am I am kidding?)









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Thursday, November 26, 2015 7:01:01 AM America/New_York

As we continue our quest to locate the best holiday cards based on quality, price and aesthetic, we would like to share a unique find.  

Today we introduce you to our favorite calligrapher and stationer, Ginna Emmet. Ginna is the perfect match for those of you who want your card to stand out. Whether you are hunting for a custom birth announcement, personal stationery, or a beautiful holiday card... Ginna Emmet Calligraphy has the refined look you are seeking.

Every card designed by Ginna Emmet is custom. You can have images printed on the front and back at no additional cost and cards start at just $1.35. We just adore this high end custom look.  The Bagsy team has used Ginna personally for holiday cards, birth announcements, and for personal ciphers.

We know that Bagsy’s shoppers love custom goods, have an eye for quality, and often go the distance to attend trunk shows to see items firsthand. Ginna is busy scheduling her holiday trunk shows, so please be sure to check her Facebook page often for upcoming dates. You can always view and order her work online as well at www.GinnaEmmet.com.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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Saturday, November 21, 2015 6:43:33 PM America/New_York

It is that time of year again…. time to pull out your good camera and dust off the lens, or book a family photo session with your favorite photographer.  We are all in search of that elusive, one in a thousand picture, that needle in a haystack, where all of our children are smiling AT THE SAME TIME. 

It is the season of the Christmas card.

The task seems simple enough, but as anyone with more than one child knows, it is anything but easy.  Trying to snap a picture with all of your children putting their best smile forward, dressed in their Sunday best is next to impossible.  Frankly, just getting them all ready for the photo session (whether with a professional or with your own camera) is enough to make most moms want to pull their hair out. 

While we cannot help you style their hair or line them up for that perfect shot, we can help you find a fabulous card to say Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, or even Happy New Year (for all those that took a little longer getting that perfect shot). Over the last few weeks, Bagsy has scoured the internet and local paper boutiques to scout the best holiday card vendors, based on quality, price and of course aesthetic. 

Today we are going to share one of our favorite sites, Minted.com.  Minted sites three reasons to love their company, but at Bagsy, we have three reasons of our own.  We love Minted for their thick quality paper, endless choices of simple yet creative designs and the ease of use in navigating the site. 

New this year on Minted.com are the completely custom holiday cards - If you don’t happen to get that one in a million shot of your family for 2015, Minted has you back.  You can upload a photo or scan of your child’s drawing and Minted will create a unique foil or letter pressed holiday card just for you.  Not only does the custom card allow your children to get involved, but it also ensures you will not pick the same design as any of your friends.  You can still add a family photo on the inside if you choose (you know everyone wants a picture).


Take a look around Minted.com – simply click HERE.  While you are there, be sure to sign up for their newsletter.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sure to bring the best deals of the year!






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