When you think of  traditional handmade clothing, there’s a good chance that embroidery pops into your head. This ornamental sewing technique has been in the textile game for centuries, with early examples dating back as far as 30,000 B.C. It has been used in clothing, décor and art throughout the world ever since, especially in the Middle East, South America, Eastern Asia and Eastern Europe. Traditionally, embroidery takes the form of colorful, elaborate designs, perhaps showcasing bright florals, complex geometric patterns or narrative designs.

child in purple dress

If you’re not familiar with this technique, it’s essentially just the art of using a needle (or, in modern days, a sewing machine) to apply thread to fabric in a decorative manner. There are several unique embroidery techniques that can be used to achieve different textures and designs, ranging from the simpler hardanger style to the more ornamental couching technique that’s primarily reserved for gold work. Though it can be automated, well-done embroidery still signifies a higher quality of clothing and is often found on high-end clothes. Hand-embroidered goods are considered even more high-end.

At Bagsy, we’re all about the old-fashioned finishing touches when it comes to kids’ clothing, and we can’t deny the charm brought by embroidery. Whether used to make a special occasion gown personal with a monogram or to add playful imagery to bubbles and rompers, embroidery is a highly encouraged and always welcome addition to children’s clothing in our book. If you love the delicate, detailed look of embroidered children’s clothes, be sure to check out The Proper Peony and Feltman Brothers, two brands that make exquisite embroidered clothing for kids.

The Proper Peony

The Proper Peony, founded after a pair of sisters uncovered an old pleated dress in a closet at their parents’ house, makes classic yet modern girls’ and boys’ styles that are dripping with vintage detailing. There are pleats, smocking, gingham and, of course, lots and lots of embroidery. Because nothing goes with embroidery quite like traditional touches. What makes The Proper Peony’s pieces extra-special is the fact that they are hand-embroidered, something that the founders say is harder and harder to find these days.

The Proper Peony’s embroidery comes in the form of adorable animals, fruits, castles, bows and holiday themes in this lovely line. You’ll also see it worked into simpler designs as accent trim or mock detailing to add a special, subtle finishing touch. Shop The Proper Peony second-hand at Bagsy for great prices on these hand-embroidered wonders.

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Feltman Brothers

When you’re talking about hand-embroidered children’s clothes, you have to talk about Feltman Brothers. This 100-year-old company produces some of the most traditional and stylish vintage-inspired baby clothing around. Specializing primarily in occasion looks—their dresses and John Johns are ideal for dressier affairs—Feltman Brothers offers clothes that are a little bit proper and a little bit playful. One of the things that makes this clothing so sweet is the brand’s dedication to hand-adorning each piece.

Take a look at the adorably embroidered Christening gowns, rompers, bubbles, bonnets and more from Feltman Brothers and you’ll see the amazing attention to detail forged by this legacy line. Each piece of Feltman Brothers clothing is crafted with fine-quality materials and age-old textile techniques, including embroidery appliques, smocking, fluting, open-work designs and complex embroidery. It’s all about the handmade finish with this great collection.

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Styling Your Little One

As you might imagine, hand-embroidered apparel takes time to make, so it’s often much more expensive than other kids’ styles. But when you buy consignment clothing at Bagsy, you can get gorgeous embroidery for a fraction of the cost of buying new. When your littles are done with them, you can then sell your designer kids’ clothes back to us so you can pass the joy of beautiful embroidery on to the next family.