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Once your bag arrives, we will notify you.  All you have to do is access your account and provide your PayPal address so that we can transfer funds when your items sell. Bagsy will process your items, fluff, photograph and list them for sale on our site.   Items not accepted for consignment will be returned to you (if you elected return service) or donated to one of our charitable partners.

When an item in your account sells, we will notify you.  You can also view your listed items and follow your sales with the Marketplace options when signed in to your Bagsy account.

As soon as payment processes (this can take up to 12 days) on each sold item, you will receive 40% of the sale price in your Bagsy account. In the Marketplace options of your Bagsy account, you can request to use your credit to shop on the Bagsy site (convert to Bagsy Reward Points), or request to cash out and transfer your earnings to your PayPal account.

Please note that all items must be free of stains and/or damage.
Bagsy accepts less than half of the inventory received due to stains, so please inspect before sending!

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