Consignment Questions

How do I get a bag?
Click here to order a bag - it’s just $4.99.

Do I have to pay to ship my clothes to you?
No, Bagsy picks up the return shipping.  All you have to do is fill the bag (please do not overstuff, you can always order another bag), seal it, and take it to your local UPS drop off location.  Please retain your receipt for proof of mailing until we confirm receipt.

What type of clothes do you accept?
Bagsy accepts clean, gently used, classic children's clothing, as well as items that are new, with tags (NWT).   Please see our brand list and guidelines for further information.  

What brands do you accept?
Our complete list of brands can be found here.  It is difficult to list all brands, so if you have a question about a brand you do not see, or your item is handmade, please drop us an email.

What sizes do you accept?
Bagsy currently accepts boys and girls clothing size 0 -12 years.

Do you accept monogrammed clothing?
We currently only accept single letter initials.  Please do not send items with more than one letter on the monogram or items that a monogram has been removed.

Do you accept shoes?
We do accept shoes, but only if they are in excellent condition or new with tags (NWT).  For shoes, we only accept the following brands:

Sun Sans
Old Soles 
Mini Melissa 
Angel Baby 
Jack Rogers 
Livie & Luca 

Do you accept bathing suits?
We do accept bathing suits, but only if they are new with tags (NWT) or in excellent used condition.  

What if I cut the tags out of the clothes, will you still accept them?
Yes, please let us know the brand and size when you send the items.  If we do not know the size, we cannot accept the item.

What are your quality standards?
Bagsy only sells well-cared for items. Please do not send any clothes with obvious stains, rips or wash wear.  We accept very few items made from knit fabric.  All knit items must be in excellent condition or NWT.    

How long does it take to process a bag?
Our average processing time is 2-4 weeks from arrival.  Upon arrival, you will receive an email from Bagsy with instructions to add your Paypal information to your account. Peak processing times may be longer.  

What happens to the clothes that are not accepted?
You have the option of purchasing return service for the items Bagsy does not accept, or Bagsy will donate them to our nonprofit partners.   

What is return service and how do I select it?
When you request a consignment bag please select Return Service if you want Bagsy to return your items that are not accepted for sale on our site . Return service is $15.99 per bag, and is charged in advance. Please note that items sent that are not on our accepted brands list are not eligible for return service, so please ensure that items you send are from brands that we do accept. Items that are not listed on our brand list will not be returned.  

Can I specify prices?
No. Bagsy works hard to keep up with current resale prices for all the items we handle. We always work to get top dollar for every item.

Will my items ever go on sale?
Yes.  Bagsy reserves the right to lower the sales price at any time.  Bagsy does run promotional sales as well.   In the event a customer uses a discount code, the discount reduction is split bewtween consignor and consignee.

How long do you consign items?
Typical consignment terms last 180 days, but that may be extended based on the season and style of the item. 

What happens to the items that don’t sell?
We often leave items on the site beyond the consignment period, as most items will sell eventually.  If the item is deemed no longer a fit for the site, it will be marked for donation..

How much will I earn?
Our consignment structure is 60/40. You will earn 40% of the sale price. 

How do you pay out?
All funds from sales will be available to consignors as soon payment settles.  Depending on the method used for payment, settlement can take anywhere from 2-12 days.  Earnings can be claimed and transferred into your paypal account at any time.  

How do I cash out?
Any available funds can be transferred from your account into your Paypal account at any time upon request. Cash outs are not automatic. Please sign in to your account to see your sales stats.  Please note, after an item sells, it can take several days for the payment transaction to process.  Therefore, it may take up to a week before sale credit appears in your account.  If you would like to cash out, simply select the CASHOUT link in your Bagsy account.

Can I use my earnings to shop on the Bagsy site?
Yes.  Available funds can be transferred to Paypal or converted to Bagsy Reward Points.  Reward points can be redemeeded at checkout.  $1 = 1 Bagsy Reward Point.  To turn your earnings into Reward Points, simply select the CASHOUT link in your shopping cart and click on the option for Reward Points.  Please note, Earnings converted into Bagsy Reward Points cannot be converted into cash except for shopping on the Bagsy site. 

Do my funds expire?
Funds are available for cashout or conversion to Bagsy Reward Points for 1 year after payment has settled. For transfer to PayPal, funds must be transferred within 1 year of sale. Funds still on account after one year will be transferred to Bagsy Reward Points that can be used only for shopping the Bagsy site. Please note that all reward points expire 365 days after the most recent points deposit.

Shopping Questions

How do I know the clothes are in good condition?
Bagsy only accepts clothes that are in good used condition.  If there is a defect or flaw, it will be noted on the item description.

What does small flaw mean?
A small flaw refers to a tiny pull, or small stain that is not noticeable while being worn.  

What does “good used condition” mean?
Unless NWT or NWOT, all garments have been worn, but well cared for.  Unless otherwise noted, items will be free of defects.  

What do NWT and NWOT stand for?
NWT means the item is unworn and still has original tags attached.  NWOT means the item is unworn, but the original tag is no longer attached.  

How long does it take to receive the items ordered?
Items are typically shipped within 2 business days of order receipt.  Shipping time depends on the shipping method chosen by the customer.  During sales promotions, order processing times can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the the volume of orders.

Can I return items purchased?
Bagsy does not accept returns.  We make every effort to describe each item in as detailed a manner as possible with regard to size, color, fabric and flaws.  If you have a question about a specific item before purchase, please email us at [email protected] and we will try to provide you with a thorough answer. Please note, we are unable to provide measurements for specific items. 

Can I modify an order after it is submitted?
We are unable to modify an order once it has been placed. 

What if there is an issue with my order?
If you feel there is an issue with your order, please email us at [email protected] within 7 days of your receiving your order. We are unable to assist with orders that have been held for more than 7 days.

Do you ship internationally?
No, not at this time.

How much is shipping and handling?
Shipping and handling is reflected in your shopping cart.  Bagsy ships USPS priority mail or USPS first class mail.  The shipping method is the buyer's election, made at time of checkout. Rates are deteremined by USPS based on weight and zip code distance from Bagsy warehouse.  Packages over 15 ounces are not eligible for first class shipping.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Once your package is picked up by USPS, Bagsy no longer has any control over the process. Bagsy only has access to the same tracking information that you do. Bagsy is not responsible or liable for shipping delays once the package leaves our hands.  Bagsy is not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen. If you have an issue with your shipping, please contact USPS for a geotracking reference before contacting Bagsy.


If your item has not been delivered at the promised time, here are the steps to be followed before contacting customer service:

If the item is still in transit, check to see if you are aware of the actual transit time that is needed for selected shipping method. Please don't forget Priority 2 day means 2 business days after the order is processed. Weekends don't count and if you had placed the order after 12 pm on any day, it will be processed the next business day!

If you received a notice saying the item was delivered and the tracking shows that it was successfully delivered please check with the other people in your household, neighbor, doorman that may have picked up the package for you. You may also contact the courier service referencing your tracking number for a geotracing reference number.  We do not take responsibility for lost/missing packages that show successful delivery to the order address.

Do you offer gift cards?
Not at this time.

Does Bagsy charge sales tax?
Bagsy collects sales tax for items shipped in the state of Tennessee.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Bagsy accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal.

What are reward points?
Reward Points are interchangeable with money and can be used toward purchases on shopBagsy.com.  From time to time, Bagsy may offer other promotions to earn Reward Points.

How do I see if I have Reward Points?
Sign in to your account and click on the "My Referral Reward Points" link.


My Account Questions

How do I edit my account information?
You can make changes to your account at anytime.  Sign in to your account and click on "Account Information" and "Address Book" to manage your password, contact information, addresses, and email subscription preferences.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Please follow the link to reset your password on the sign in page.

How do I change my password?
Under My Account, any account information can be edited, including your password.

How do I cash out my account?
You may move your account balance to Paypal at any time, just send us an email.  You may also use your balance to shop the website.  

How will Bagsy know my Paypal ID?
Please enter your Paypal ID in your account information.   In the Marketplace options of your account, click on My Profile.  At the bottom of the profile page, there is a box to input the Paypal ID.

Can I request a check?
We prefer our consignors use Paypal.  Paypal is safe, secure, widely accepted and easy to transfer the funds directly into your bank account. 

Can I spend my credit on the Bagsy site?
Yes!  Please send an email requesting your points to be transferred to Bagsy reward points.  Reward points (1 point = $1) can be used at checkout just like cash.

How do I transfer my earnings to paypal?
Please sign in to your account and check the seller dashboard.  If there are funds available, just send us an email and we will transer them to your paypal account.  Please note that fund do not transfer automatically.  You must request the transfer.

Are there fees associated with using Paypal?
Yes.  Paypal charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

How can I avoid paying the Paypal fees?
When you converting your earnings to Bagsy Reward points for shopping on our site, there are no fees involved.  

How do I add a bank account to my paypal account?
Please see instructions on the Paypal website.

How do I unsubscribe?
After signing into "My Account", go to "Newsletter Subscription" link to manage your email preferences. You can also unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of our email newsletters. You will still receive system emails regarding purchases and consignment.

How do I delete my account?
Please email us at [email protected] to delete your account.

Please note that all items must be free of stains and/or damage.
Bagsy accepts less than half of the inventory received due to stains, so please inspect before sending!

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